Accessories Hire

Here at Thorns we offer a whole range of miscellaneous event accessories hire. If you are looking for solutions for vip entrances such as posts and ropes through to dressing room facilities and room dividers we can assist... read more
Take a look at our products below or call a member of our experienced event accessories hire team on 0800 328 0813 who will be able to assist with you hire requirements.

  • Wooden High Chair
    Baby High Chairs

    Wooden High Chair

    SKU: E60
    Exhibition PricePOA Event PricePOA?
  • Plastic Racking Black
    Document Racks

    Plastic Racking Black

    SKU: SHELV0001
    Exhibition Price£126.00 Event PricePOA?
  • Wooden Rack Black
    Document Racks

    Wooden Rack Black

    SKU: SHELV0002
    Exhibition Price£120.00 Event PricePOA?
  • New XL Bean Bag Grey
    Bean Bags

    XL Bean Bag Grey

    SKU: 870G1
    Exhibition Price£60.00 Event PricePOA?
  • Uplighter Gold

    Uplighter Gold

    SKU: E112D
    Exhibition Price£29.00 Event PricePOA?
  • Oak Sideboard
    Shelf Units

    Oak Sideboard

    SKU: 760
    Exhibition Price£150.00 Event PricePOA?
  • Barrel
    Outdoor Furniture Hire


    SKU: 885
    Exhibition Price£55.00 Event PricePOA?
  • Chrome Hat and Coat Stand
    Coat Stand

    Chrome Hat and Coat Stand

    SKU: 326
    Exhibition Price£32.00 Event PricePOA?
  • Bean Bag Blue
    Outdoor Hire

    Bean Bag Blue

    SKU: 870BE
    Exhibition Price£60.00 Event PricePOA?
  • 6ft Gown Rail with 18" Extensions
    Cloak Room

    6ft Gown Rail with 18" Extensions

    SKU: E77C
    Exhibition Price£80.00 Event PricePOA?
  • Bean Bag Red
    Outdoor Hire

    Bean Bag Red

    SKU: 870RD
    Exhibition Price£60.00 Event PricePOA?
  • Bean Bag Green
    Outdoor Hire

    Bean Bag Green

    SKU: 870GN
    Exhibition Price£60.00 Event PricePOA?